Receive SMS with ASP SDK

There are two ways you can receive text Messages using the ASP SDK, Push and Pull.

The push method involves you setting up a publicly accessible web page that receives Notifications from Esendex and processes them. Then, when we receive a Message for your Account we forward a Notification onto you with details of the Message. For details on how to set up a Push Notification Handler see Push Notifications in the API Reference.

The other method of receiving text Messages using the ASP SDK is the pull method. This is where you periodically poll Esendex to check for new Messages. This method is not preferred as lots of wasteful calls will be made when there are no messages to get, however, if you cannot create a publicly accessible web page then this is the only option.
For details on how to receive a Message using the pull method see The Pull Method

The Message Object

Both methods provide you with one or more Message objects. The breakdown of a Message object is as follows:
ID: The unique identifier on our system for this Message.
Originator: The number or alias the Message came from.
Recipient: The number the Message was sent to.
Body: The text content of the Message.
Type: The type of Message: text, unicode, binary etc.
Received At: The time that we received the Message.