NOTE: If you're using ASP.Net, we strong recommend using the Esendex .Net SMS SDK instead.

The ASP SOAP SDK uses the Esendex ActiveX Component to allow customers to access the Esendex services via their own applications.

Functionality provided by the SDK includes sending SMS, receiving SMS, receiving events, Account management and Contact management.

Note: This component is not compatible with 64bit versions of Windows



The latest version of the SDK can be downloaded from here.


Once you've downloaded the ASP SOAP SDK, setup a virtual directory to run the sample files from and register the EsendexSDK2.dll COM+ component.

Set up a virtual directory

Open IIS Manager and create a virtual directory for the ASP sample files that are included in the SDK. Unzip the SDK to a directory, c:\Esendex\ for example, and copy the contents of the samples folder to your new virtual directory.

Register the EsendexSDK2.dll COM+ component

Before you can use the sample pages that you've just installed in your virtual directory you must register the Esendex SDK dll. To do this open a command prompt and type:

REGSVR32 c:\esendex\EsendexSDK2.dll

Or use the path where you unzipped the sdk to.

Once you've got this far you should be able to browse to your virtual directory from a web browser and start using the sample pages. Go to the SendSMS.asp example page and enter your username, password and Account Reference (usually starting EX00....).

Next, enter the mobile number and the body of the text message then click Send. You should get the Message delivered to the mobile phone and you should also see a Message Id displayed at the top of the page. If all this happens then you've setup the ASP SOAP SDK ready for use.

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