Esendex Delphi SMS SDK

The Esendex Delphi SMS SDK contains a COM component that you can use within your Borland Delphi applications. The component contains an object model that enables you to send text Messages, query the status of a Message, retrieve Messages from your Inbox, get information about your Account, and manage your Esendex Contacts.

Esendex Delphi SMS SDK Download

The SDK can be downloaded from our Downloads section.

Note: This component is not compatible with 64bit versions of Windows


Installing the component on your system

As with all COM components, you must register the ActiveX component with the system.

  1. Download the Delphi SDK from our Downloads section and unzip it to a location of your choice.
  2. From the Start menu, click Run.
  3. In the Open box, type the following:

    REGSVR32 <UnzipLocation>EsendexSdk2.DLL

    Where <UnzipLocation> is the path where you unzipped the Esendex SDK.

You will see a message that the component has been successfully registered.

Using the component in your code

Before you can use the component you will need to add the component to your project. Please select your version of Delphi for instructions on adding the component to your project.

You can then send a Message as follows:

  SysUtils, ActiveX, EsendexLib_TLB;
  SendService: ISendService2;
  SendService:= CoSendService2.Create;
  SendService.Initialise('EsendexUserName', 'EsendexPassword', 'EsendexAccount', '0');
  SendService.SendMessage('441234567890', 'Hello', MESSAGE_TYPE_TEXT);

Object model

Documentation shipped with the downloadable SDK contains a full description of the component object model

The Delphi SDK can be downloaded from our Downloads section.

Delphi 2005

To use the component in Delphi 2005, do the following:

  1. From the Component menu, choose Import Component
  2. Choose Import Type Library, click Next
  3. Select Esendex SDK 2.0 Type Library, click Next
  4. In the Unit dir Name text box, enter a path to save the generated unit in, click Next
  5. Select Add Unit to Project, and click Finish.

Delphi Pre-2005

To use the component in Delphi versions before Delphi 2005, do the following:

  1. From the Project menu, choose Import Type Library.
  2. In the list of type libraries, select Esendex SDK 2.0 Type Library.
  3. Click Create Unit.