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two way communications
Two-way SMS, automated

Our SMS API makes it easy for your business to automatically send and receive text messages, with real time updates via push notifications. 

Voice broadcasting, integrated

Our Voice API allows your business to automate voice broadcasts. Use text-to-speech for reminders, notifications and alerts from your system via ours.

SMS Surveys, connected

Our Surveys API helps you connect with your customers at the freshest point of interaction. Get feedback from individual users at any point in your workflow.

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Explore our SMS quickstart guides...

person using laptop to send SMS

How can you use our REST API to send SMS?

As one of the most common tasks to be performed on the Esendex API platform, we've made sending SMS simple. Our Message Dispatcher can be used to send one or more text messages instantly or scheduled for a future date. Read More >

track and report your SMS

How can you track the status of a sent SMS?

You can check the delivery status of an individual sent message or batch of messages using our REST API. Retrieve a summary of status codes for determining delivery progress and cancel or delay scheduled or future messages. Read More >